All natural makeup, organic bath and body products for kids


The slogan of going green positively affected the makeup brands. Organic or all natural makeup products are not just toxic free, they are also safe for the environment and are beneficial for skin. Organic nail polishes, organic bath product, organic diaper rash cream and organic hair products sweep away the synthetic cosmetic products from the market to a certain extent.

We are here to present various brands of kid-friendly makeup that had no drawbacks on the sensitive skin of little girls. Little girls love makeup, now mother should be free of tension and buy all natural, organic and mineral makeup for their little ones. These products are clinically proven to be hypoallergenic. You can purchase different varieties of organic make-up on our website We offer great prices with all these wonderful and well known organic brands. You can get discounts on some of the products as well. So hurry up! Order your products. Let’s have a brief review about the organic and all natural make-up products available at

Luna Star Naturals are a company that makes makeup, particularly for little princesses, it makes the cosmetic products for the girls of 3 plus age. The plus point of their products is that they can be easily removed with water and soap. Moreover, you can apply a bit of olive oil to remove the makeup. Luna Star Naturals subdivide its products under different categories; find the perfect one for you with just one click here and you would be surprised after using.

Luna star naturals Klee girls offers a variety of products with pop colors, usually the makeup that girls want to wear at parties. These products are made with 100% natural ingredients, apply them without worrying about skin problems.

Piggy Paint a brand that is a favorite of all our little princesses, the nail paint of Piggy paint are absolutely odor free and made from natural pigments, inert coating and water based solvents. It removed by washing hands with soap. Quick and easy way!

Hip peas give a variety of natural hair and bathing products for your kids, and even for you. The hip peas hair products give you natural solution for all the hair problems, it includes Hair Detangler, Curl Tamer, Cradle Cap Care, and Hair Balm. Solutions for your hair with just a click

Hip peas Shampoo & Body Wash nourish the hair and makes shiny its magicalJ, the body wash not only moisturizes the skin with its herbal extracts but also drags your kids towards it soothing fragrance of blueberries. Moreover, this brand also offers hair conditioner, wooden baby brush, baby lotion, bubble bath and foaming baby wash.

Earth mama angel baby provide a wide variety of organic products for babies. Whether you're looking for safe, worry-free products for your own angel baby, or a very special birth gift, baby shower gift, or blessing way gift, Earth Mama offers hospital recommended, safe, all natural, herbal organic baby care to nurture a miraculous gift from heaven. Baby bottom balm, calming lavender body wash, non-scents body wash, baby oil and what not? This brand is amazing.

Episencial by babytime also gives the variety of bath and body products of the baby that are made from all natural products. The line of products includes cheeky salve, massage serum, mighty shield lotion, bug repellent, snugly lotion, soothing cream, playful wash and much more with better prices than anywhere else. You can get discount on playful wash, peaceful bubbles and cradle cap collection at

Jack n Jill make hypoallergenic and all-natural tooth pastes and tooth brushes for kids. Their focus is to keep the kid safe while brushing teeth and intends to pack their product in recyclable and BPA free material. The organic teething products of jack n jill includes, bio tooth-brush, silicon tooth-brush, silicon finger brush, buzzy brush electrical musical tooth-brush and all natural toothpastes are available in different fruity flavors. 

The organic and all natural products can be easily used during pregnancy, newborns, toddlers and kids of all ages as these are odor and chemical free. So what are you waiting for! Order the organic products on and hope you have a gorgeous new year ahead with your kids. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year 2016.

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