Doodle-Track Car

Product Description

This amazing little sports car will follow the twists and turns on a track YOU magic! How does it work? The Doodle Track Car has optical sensors that read a bold black line drawn on a white background. Any black marker or crayon will do the trick. There is no special pen needed.

The Doodle Track Car is more than just a race set. It is a craft activity that encourages children to be creative! There are so many ways to play. Customize your car with the colorful stick-on decals. Place the Doodle-Track Car on the playmat and watch it go. Draw a racetrack of your own design on a large sheet of paper.

Making the set even more special is the online component that allows you to design and print your own custom racetracks at Design your tracks online, add stop & go features, and decorate. When you are finished designing, just print everything out on your home printer. Attach the printed tracks together and race the Doodle-Track Car on YOUR tracks! Seasonal ready-made tracks are available with the included online access code.

Set includes: Doodle Track Car®, stick-on decals to customize your car, playmat, official Doodle-Track marker, access code for free online tracks.

Requires 2 AAA batteries.

Ages 4 and Up

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