Babytime! by Episencial Massage Serum 3.4oz

Product Description

Massage Serum is the first massage oil enriched with probiotics to support the skin’s barrier properties and help reduce inflammation and irritation, while also increasing the skin’s moisture levels. There is ample clinical evidence supporting the benefits of infant massage such as developmental, cognitive and emotional health. Massage Serum delivers skincare benefits and allows special bonding time between parent and baby all while baby receives an immunity and health boost from skin to skin contact.

Ages: timeless for all ages
Uses: Infant, child, pregnancy massage
Benefits: moisturizing, balancing, nourishing
Safety: doctor developed
Smells Like: unscented and warm
Feels Like: silky, healing and loving
Ingredients: Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Coconut Oil

Directions: Gently massage over clean body and scalp. Use common sense caution and contact a health professional if concerned. Use alone or as step 2 of the Episencial 3-Step System for best results.


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