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Babytime by Episencial Cradle cap care

Cradle cap is not harmful to babies, but parents often want to get rid of that scaly scalp! Oil glands produce an oily substance called sebum, which cakes on the skin. The good news is that while it may be unsightly, it's usually not irritating or bothersome to babies. Help get rid baby of those scaly flakes with all-natural and organic baby skincare products designed to help with cradle cap care. Playful Wash contains ingredients that add moisturization and clarify dry flaky skin. Snuggly Lotion helps to loosen scales with organic oils like raspberry butter. Includes: Playful Wash and Snuggly Lotion

  • restore and balance baby's scaly scalp
  • moisturizing playful wash baby shampoo to cleanse
  • organic tangerine oil and calendula pH balance skin
  • snuggly lotion reduces scales and leaves skin soft
  • wash, follow with a snuggly scalp massage, rewash
  • shop and save with special bundle pricing
  • #1 in hospitals, organic ingredients

Directions: Start the process of saying goodbye to cradle cap by re-balancing the skin's PH level by using organic baby shampoo, Playful Wash. Follow with a thick coat of Snuggly Lotion on the scalp while hair and scalp are still wet. Leave it on during bath time, then rinse! This will help loosen scales and moisturize the skin.

Cradle cap care safe on babies

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