Babytime! by Episencial Mighty Shield Lotion Bug Repellent 3.4oz

Product Description
This all-natural bug repellent is enriched with plant nectars and essential oils designed to work with the skin’s own natural defense system to keep skin bug-free. The lightweight and non-greasy moisturizer offers full-barrier protection and leaves skin feeling fresh and hydrated. Formulated with all-natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to soothe irritated skin or previous bug bites. Use alone or layer with sunny sunscreen for ultimate outdoor skin protection

Ages: timeless for all ages
Uses: keep little bugs & critters away
Benefits: natural effectiveness of 20% DEET
Safety: doctor developed, check under 6mo
Smells Like: invigorating, like a jungle breeze
Feels Like: protective, safe, moisturizing
Ingredients: organic lemongrass + more plant extracts

Directions: Create an even layer over skin. Do not use on open wounds or in eye area. For ultimate outdoor protection, layer under sunny sunscreen. 
$9.99 $13.99

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