BugPodz Metropolis™

Product Description

Scientific Explorer BUGPODZ Metropolis lets young entomologists (insect scientists) construct a bug universe! Create your own world of crawling, burrowing and lurking vermin. With this 55-piece set you can create all kinds of futuristic looking configurations, so let your imagination run wild. Add dirt, leaves or sand into the pods to let your critters dig, tunnel, climb and eat. Recommended for children 6 years of age and older.

BugPodz Metropolis includes 3 regular pods with 1 cap, a capture connector, 6 corner pieces, 8 4in. tubes, 4 8in. tubes, 12 doorway plugs and 24 tube connectors and easy instructions
Create your own insect world
Watch bugs travel through the tubes

$24.99 $30.00

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