Product Description

Detachable Abacus
10 colorful bead-bars, each with 10 beads, can be completely separated or stacked up like a traditional abacus set.
Adaptive Approach
Starting with only 1 or 2 bars helps children focus on simple counting without overwhelming them with large numbers. Easily adapt to individual's learning style or use in a classroom.
Creative Play
Stack these bars in different heights or connect them in angles to construct various shapes and designs.
Examples are provided for math learning and play. But take it further to design your own ways of playing.
Ages: 3 years and up
Package : 10 bars each with 10 beads. 4 double sided picture cards
Dimensions Bar length: 10.75 inches, 10 stacked bars height: 10.75 inches. Picture card size: 8 x 6 inches
Materials: Beech

$59.99 $65.00

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