About Us

KIDTON is all about kids! If you’re looking for high quality toys for kids, you’ve found just the right place. All toys presented, not only provide fun and entertainment to kids, but also help develop their social skills, logical thinking and motor skills.

KIDTON offers a range of unique toys for kids, providing parents with an opportunity to get something for their child.We also offer educational toys for parents who want their child to have fun and learn at the same time. We have toys that will keep your kids engaged and entertained. All toys have age recommendations, so take your pick and let your child enjoy his or her new buddy!

How it all began 

We had our first child, a healthy baby boy, We were thrilled and bought all toys we could find for him. We were blessed with another child, a baby girl this time and we started buying all girl toys.

We all share the same goal to give only the best to our child. This is what we want to achieve through KIDTON. We analyze toys and the growth level they can provide to kids to understand their real value. All toys presented on the site are sourced from brands known to provide quality items. As of now, we are offering wide variety of Kid's Eco Toys, Style & Eat and also other brand products. We are planning to expand our product line with all kid's related in the future. Expect to get the same best quality and affordable prices from us!

Don’t have enough time to go through your options? Don’t worry! We have taken the liberty to arrange our product selection to help you save time and pick the best one for your little one.