Babytime! by Episencial Peaceful Bubbles 8oz

Product Description

Organic Body Wash - Peaceful Bubbles by Babytime

Soak up some comfort for the skin with this extra gentle, non-irritating and ultra soothing bath treatment! Peaceful Bubbles is packed with moisturizing extracts that calm and soften skin, while fruit extracts soothe and balance for ultimate skin health and immunity. Sugar-based foaming agents create bubbly fun while adding natural healing skin oils. pH-balanced to be safe, quick rinsing and eye-safe. Safe and non-irritating for girls.

  • Ages: All ages
  • Uses: all-in-one bubble bath + shampoo
  • Benefits: calming, softening, soothing + pH balancing 
  • Safety: doctor developed, won't irritate sensitive places
  • Smells Like: calming lavender plum
  • Feels Like: ultra rich, relaxing, hydrating, calming Ingredients: organic ginkgo + fruit extract.
  • Organic body wash for babies, kids of all ages
$10.00 $12.00

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