Ryan Oakes Lunch Box Set

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Ideal Ryan Oakes Magic Lunchbox Set - 101 Trick Magic Show turns ordinary lunch items such as forks and spoons into magical props. Filled with (101) easy-to-learn tricks, a magic lunch box and high quality props, this set will teach children to perform the same tricks as professional magicians such as making a thermos appear, turning spoons into forks and much more.

The tricks you'll learn in this set are a great introduction to this fun and exciting art form. Children will wow their audiences and amaze even themselves as they learn all the great secrets of illusion with the help of Ryan Oakes and his step-by-step instructional DVD. Like a real street magician, your child will amaze audiences with what appears to be a normal lunch box.

Magic is a great hobby and an excellent way to develop new skills, become more creative and build self-confidence. Ideals Ryan Oakes 101-Trick Magic Show set includes a magic lunch box, thermal bottle with cup, changing food cards, changing food card box, holey sandwich, 3-piece fork and spoon trick, clean and dry knife, fruit vision reading box, hollow thumb tip, levitating tool, disappearing cloth napkin, handkerchief vanishes and instructional magic trick DVD starring magician Ryan Oakes. Enjoy the illusions included in this set and welcome to the wonderful world of magic!

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