'lil Fairy Door

Product Description
Invite a new realm of magic and wonder into your home!To children... It's a portal to a new world of magic, fantasy, and limitless possibilities!
Start your adventure by using the included mounting supplies to attach the door onto your wall anywhere you want. Down by the floor, up high on a shelf, inside a bookcase, or even outside in the garden - The idea is to create the safest, most inviting environment possible. Because... Once the door is attached and the sun is set, you want to be sure that when the fairies come out, they feel comfortable and welcome - Only then will they present gifts and start performing their magic!

Have your fairies leave behind treats and presents for well-behaved children. Have them transport gifts or small messages from parents or loved ones who live far far away.The possibilities are limitless and every encounter will only strengthen your little one's boundless imagination. It even comes with a special bottle of fairy dust you can use to leave behind tiny fairy footprints!

"Look, mom! A real fairy has been here!"

In a world where children are pressured to grow up so quickly, the 'lil Fairy Door is a beautiful way to keep your little ones young while they're still young. It's time to let the fairies in!
'lil Fairy Door
  • Small door to attach to the wall for imaginative fairies to come in and out of
  • Encourages emotional regulation, imaginative play, good behavior
  • A wonderful way to strengthen your child's boundless imagination
  • Simple mounting equipment - Easily attach door to any wall anywhere you want
  • Beautifully detailed and designed to look like a real working door
  • Have fairies leave behind gifts and messages for well-behaved children over night
  • Use fairy dust to leave behind real evidence that fairies were there
  • Door available in a variety of colors - Blue, green, pink, purple, red, yellow
  • Features note to the fairies to get you started
  • Includes fairy door, bottle of fairy dust, mounting supplies (3M Velcro), fairy note
  • Mounting supplies is wall-surface safe - No worry of damaging walls
  • Collect other 'lil Fairy supplies to add to the excitement - Sold separately
  • High quality design and materials - Lasting durability, endless fairy interaction
    $24.99 $25.00

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